Is a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan on Your Bucket List?

Get a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan!

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have always wanted to reach up to the skies. In the 21st century, we can now fly in a multitude of ways, but no method is quite as romantic and evocative as the hot air balloon. Incredibly, the first manned flight was made by the Montgolfier brothers in France, 1783—and now, over two centuries later, you can experience the wonder the Montgolfier brothers felt, too!Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan Erwins Orchards and Corn Maze with Basket 9-29-14

In fact, over 78% of Americans have cited that a flight in a hot air balloon is on their bucket list, a list of must-do things to accomplish in life, alongside other ambitions such as visiting the Grand Canyon or a trip to Las Vegas.

At Westwind Balloon Company, (based in Plymouth, Michigan) we’re passionate Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan Squigly Creek by Island Lake 10-30`13balloonists with more than 34 years of experience. We make all our hot air balloon flights over Michigan a memorable experience—with a lot of help from the scenery around us and the wildlife below us!

Unique Engagement Ideas
We have helped couples get engaged while floating through the air—a truly romantic moment as the balloon glides effortlessly over the natural beauty of Kensington Park and Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan Tom & Scott in Flight Burner Going 6-6-14Island Lake State Park in Milford and Brighton, Michigan.

Whether you’re looking for an engagement flight, a stunning bird’s eye view of Michigan’s natural beauty or simply want to tick off another item on your bucket list, we’re here to help you achieve your dream for just $695 for a 2-person private flight.

Buy a Hot Air Balloon Ride in MichiganHot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan Sun from inside balloon

Are you ready to rise above it all and broaden your horizons?  Are you ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime? Join us for a ride over the picturesque countryside of Oakland County, Michigan and look at this great state from above.  CLICK HERE to email us the dates you’d like to fly with us or call 734-667-2098 to reserve your flight today!Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan

Private Hot Air Balloon Flights in Michigan

Hot Air Balloon Flights cost $695 for a private ride which is two passengers and the pilot. All flights are pre-paid. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and PayPal are accepted. Gift certificates are available.

To really appreciate all the beautiful scenery Michigan has to offer contact Westwind Balloon Company and schedule a flight today; The view is really better from above!

Westwind Balloon Company– Plymouth, MI, Flying over Kensington Park, Island Lake State Park, Brighton, South Lyon and Milford. To schedule your flight call 734-667-2098 or email

About Hot Air Balloonist Scott Lorenz

Scott Lorenz is Pilot and Owner of Westwind Balloon Company based in Plymouth, Michigan. A commercial balloon pilot since 1982, he has logged 1,650 + hours in-flight. He has flown over Niagara Falls, The Great Wall of China, Disney World, the Olympics, Austria, Japan, Spain, Red Rock Canyon NM. He co-piloted a Guinness World Record flight to 19,000’ and a 20 hour-Gas Balloon flight from Michigan to Kentucky.

Westwind has been featured by FOX-2 Detroit, WDIV-TV, CBS-TV WJR, NPR, The Detroit Free Press, Oakland Press and Hour Detroit Magazine to name a few and was named “most creative date” by It’s Just Lunch. Westwind was named one of America’s Most Romantic Companies for their balloon engagement flights. Scott’s Westwind Balloon Company offers unforgettable rides over Michigan’s breathtaking countryside. Balloon rides make terrific gifts for Moms, Dads, Grads and the Boss. It’s the perfect gift for the person who has everything and it makes a great wedding or anniversary gift.

Buy a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Michigan

CLICK HERE to email us the dates you’d like to fly with us or call 734-667-2098 to reserve your flight today!

About Hot Air Balloon Rides in Michigan

Westwind Balloon Company Flies Over Island Lake State Park, Kensington Park, Brighton, South Lyon and Milford, Michigan. Call 734-667-2098 to Schedule Your Flight KEYWORDS: Balloon ride Michigan, Balloon Flight Kensington Park, Hot Air Balloon Gift Certificate
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